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We are an independently based and family run company existent since 1998, based in Wandsworth, friendly and catering to individual tastes.


From comprehensive consultations through to the completion of any work for our clients, we can offer advice based off years of successful experience.


We have the utmost respect for our trading clientele, and provide each of them with a dedicated account manager, in addition to many discounts and benefits.


In addition to highly competitive prices, we aim to match prices for any product or specification elsewhere, brand for brand.


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We offer many different brands at Bathrooms at Source, our position as an authorised dealer for each one being a great advantage for both ourselves and our customers. As our customers, it is our passion for delivering great bathrooms and bathroom products for you that keeps us developing as a business. Because we are independent and family oriented as a company, we place a lot of value on customer service. This applies to both our showroom and our online shop. You always have the option of visiting either. If you need to see the products we sell in person, you can choose the former. If you would prefer to get a home delivery the next day - for free if you are a Londoner - then you might want to check out our online delivery service through our shop website.

A massive brand which comprises a large portion of our product range is Saneux, who provide us with sinks, toilets, baths, cabinets, taps, heated shower rails, shower heads and more. If you want clear and crisp, straightforward and functional but elegant designs, look no further than Saneux. Within Saneux, there are many sub-categories, such as Podium, Indigo, Austen, Iline, Ylo, Tooga, Belle and Pascale.

The sheer variety of different products offered by Saneux makes it a good brand to look up if you want most of the items in your bathroom to be matching and easy to find. Some brands - not in a negative manner by any means - simply happen to focus more specifically on particular kinds of products. This is fine; it depends on what you are looking for. We offer Saneux products which cover most every aspect of a bathroom. Our position as an authorised dealer for them (as well as our other offered brands) is something we take great pride in. Saneux is functional, reliable and straightforward.